Lavagna , whose name dates back to Roman times because of the slate quarries present in the surrounding areas and still active today , is famous for its beach, its vast Marina .

The city still retains signs of its ancient history, which can also boast a quote by Dante Alighieri between the verses of the “Divine Comedy” , in buildings such as the Saracen Tower in the heart of the historic center .

To commemorate this illustrious past, every year on the evening of 14 August, the Feast of Fieschi Cake offers tourists the chance to relive the historical re-enactment of the marriage between Opizzo Fieschi and Bianca Bianchi and involves the present with a sort of ” dating game “, which entitles you to a slice of cake created for the occasion by master pastry chefs in the city.

Along the river Entella , which separates from the nearby Chiavari, Lavagna , also runs a cycle-pedestrian path that connects the coast with the hinterland and allows you to explore the layers of slate and its processing .